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These are rough logos and banner art for a youtube channel, called MenaceMedia. The youtube channel is a showcase of modern dance music across a wide variety of genres, here is a link incase it is of any interest to you:


Know Your Game.
by Aymeric Bernard.

Check out the information about these sceneries.

(via kgamerdork11)

These are four stamps I designed for my subsidiary module Ideas Through Design we were given a brief to form an independent state or country and then design four stamps that the country could use. I chose to form the State of Hyrule which is a city in Nintendos illustrious franchise Zelda. I have based them around the tunics you use throughout the game of Ocarina of Time, each of them having special abilities and also basing one around Dark Link.

They were rushed in the end but I hope you enjoy them none the less.

Thanks Chris.

This was my final animation for my Moving Image module. I wanted to produce an educational video for school children that was both informative and interesting as opposed to the standard informative but bland and uninspiring school video which we all know too well. There is still a lot of work to be done on this animation but the core of the opening scene is complete. I hope that you are able to give this animation a watch and also enjoy it thanks.

This is my 3rd piece for my Moving Image module. I tried to make each sting from the series flow on from the previous one, this didn’t work that well in all honesty but I am still fairly pleased with this animation. This is my first After Effects animation. It still needs more work but I hope you enjoy it.

This is my second piece for my Moving Image module at University, it still needs a lot of work but I hope you can get the jist and enjoy it.

This is a song I have done as part of a Art School Band project on my Illustration course. Just to let you know in advance it is very sub standard as I dont have any form of music ability or skill and its the first time I have made a track from scratch. I hope you enjoy the song in what ever way, most likely being laughter.